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Becoming a BA City

Bloomberg Associates empowers and supports city leaders to solve complex municipal challenges in order to serve residents more efficiently and effectively every day.

We appreciate that each city has its own unique culture and ethos—and our success is built on listening to our clients’ specific goals, developing close working relationships, and fostering direct and honest conversation. To this end, we pride ourselves on having a degree of availability and accessibility unmatched by other consultancies.

In order to deliver this level of support, we only are able to take on approximately 2-3 new client cities each year. Additionally, while we do make exceptions, we typically look for cities that have a population of more than 500,000 domestically and 1,000,000 internationally and where the Mayor has more than two years left in office.

To inquire about openings, please submit a letter signed by the Mayor and Chief of Staff expressing their interest based on their working knowledge of Bloomberg Associates. After review, our team will contact you via email regarding our availability and potential next steps.

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