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Reinvigorating Athens’ Commercial Triangle

CitiesAthensReinvigorating Athens’ Commercial Triangle

After years of deterioration and neglect, Athens’ 28-acre commercial district experiences a comeback.

Investments in neighborhoods are investments in the people and the economy of the entire city, and this project shows what is possible when vision and commitment align.

Georgios Kaminis, Former Mayor of Athens


Relevant Expertise

Advance a Vibrant Arts and Creative Sector

  • Public Art and Events

Improve Public Space and Neighborhoods

  • Graffiti Abatement
  • Lighting Repair and Modernization
  • Neighborhood Improvement Districts
  • Pedestrian Infrastructure Improvements
  • Public Plaza Development and Design

Transform Streets and Mobility

  • Walkable Streets

Redesigning Athens: Transforming Trigono



The Commercial Triangle, or Trigono, a 28-acre commercial district that has been occupied since 479 B.C., was hit hard by the national economic crisis, aging infrastructure, neglect, and a lack of enforcement of basic rules and regulations. It suffered from high storefront vacancies, rampant graffiti and illegal parking, lack of proper sanitation, and an uninviting pedestrian environment. Mayor Georgios Kaminis sought the expertise of Bloomberg Associates to assess, plan, and execute the revitalization of this historic district.

Trigono Approach


The Bloomberg Associates team brought together, for the first time, a group of municipal agencies to transform Trigono through a series of capital works and temporary interventions. The team worked with the Mayor to appoint a project manager to spearhead the efforts in the historic district and be the face of the project with the local community. Through a mix of existing public resources and new philanthropic support, the administration created new public spaces, cleaned up graffiti, upgraded public furniture, and established a robust public arts and events program. Bloomberg Associates also helped create the “Friends of Trigono Association”, which has ensured continued progress over time.


The Trigono Commercial Triangle has been transformed into an attractive and vigorous business district. Ten streets have been closed to traffic and fully pedestrianized, and multiple new businesses have opened in the area. In addition, 10 additional existing pedestrian streets have been cleaned and outfitted with street furniture, public art, additional lighting and other enhancements. Through this work, Bloomberg Associates is ensuring the sustainability of historic Athens by supporting commercial growth and new business development.

Trigono Impact
Trigono Commercial Triangle


30+ new businesses to the area

200K+ square feet of graffiti removed

€47M invested locally

135+ electricity boxes made into art

33% increase in ground floor occupancy rates