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Los Angeles

Developing a Strategy for L.A.’s Sustainable Growth

CitiesLos AngelesDeveloping a Strategy for L.A.’s Sustainable Growth

Bloomberg Associates worked with the City of Los Angeles to develop L.A.’s first-ever comprehensive sustainability roadmap to create a cleaner environment, a stronger economy and a more equitable city.


L.A. is leading the charge, with a clear vision for protecting the environment and making our economy work for everyone.

Eric Garcetti, Former Mayor of Los Angeles


Relevant Expertise

Implement Sustainable and Resilient Solutions

  • Emissions Reduction

Improve Public Space and Neighborhoods

  • Housing Supply and Inventory


Faced with a growing population, a housing shortage, more frequent and prolonged droughts and rising temperatures, the issue of sustainability had never been more critical for Los Angeles’ long-term success and survival. The Mayor’s Office had an ambitious agenda and commitment to create a more sustainable city. However, in order to make a serious impact, the administration needed a concrete game plan. They turned to Bloomberg Associates to help support Los Angeles in establishing a framework for their sustainability office and developing and implementing its first comprehensive sustainability plan.


Los Angeles’ Sustainability Office needed to develop a compelling, inclusive, tailor-made concept of what sustainability means to Los Angeles. The office also needed to establish a process to set this vision and develop and manage a new plan.

With this framework in mind, the Sustainability Office created Los Angeles’ first-ever comprehensive sustainability plan, called “the pLAn.” On April 8, 2015, the pLAn was released, outlining a pathway for Los Angeles to support greenhouse gas reduction, water conservation, renewable energy and sustainable and inclusive economic growth – with detailed 10- and 20-year goals for each policy.

To ensure that the objectives detailed in the pLAn became a reality, Bloomberg Associates helped create the infrastructure to implement, track and report on the pLAn, creating near- and long-term metrics, and ensuring that sustainability was an area of focus at regular mayoral cabinet meetings.


With the pLAn, L.A. is more organized and equipped to tackle its long-term sustainability goals. Bloomberg Associates helped Los Angeles set a goal to create 100,000 new housing units by 2021, with 57 percent of new units within 1,500 feet of transit. As of December 2017, the city issued 69,704 new housing permits, putting it on track to meet its housing goal.


50% of new housing units are built within 1500 feet of transit

69.5K+ new housing permits

11% reduction in GHG emissions in 2016