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Mexico City

Securing Mexico City’s position on the global stage

A critical financial center for the Latin Americas, Mexico City (CDMX) is one of the leading capital cities of the Western Hemisphere, teeming with energy, artistry, and opportunity. However, despite its importance as a cultural and business hub, CDMX’s global image has suffered due to lack of awareness and misperceptions. Our mission was to help the Mayor’s Office tackle the day-to-day structural, social, and reputational issues that were keeping the city from taking its rightful place on the global stage.


Mexico City Addressing Homelessness in CDMX
Mexico City Improving Contract Transparency and Efficiency in CDMX
Mexico City Making CDMX a Top Place to Film
Mexico City Promoting Road Safety in CDMX
Mexico City Solidifying CDMX as a Top Global Tourism Destination