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Collaborative Cities

A guide for designing, implementing, and sustaining strategic partnerships

Strong partnerships between the public, private and nonprofit sectors are vital for cities to creatively respond to needs and tackle issues. Michael R. Bloomberg prioritized public-private collaboration as Mayor of New York, leveraging cross-sector resources to serve the city’s residents, and it is the cornerstone of his global philanthropic work.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically underscored the need for collaboration as a means of marshaling new resources, coordinating responses, and leveraging the unique assets that partners can bring to the table. The Collaborative Cities guide outlines some of the key components needed for city leaders to administer and sustain strategic partnerships. This guide provides general best practices that apply across municipalities, while also offering guidance on how city leaders can adapt the approaches to their own challenges and circumstances. It draws on the experience of Bloomberg Philanthropies and Bloomberg Associates and highlights the efforts of mayors and cross-sector practitioners with unique experience and insights, providing a playbook to support leaders looking to build or strengthen partnerships.