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COVID-19 Economic Response and Recovery

Build Your Data Capacity and Digital Presence


Build tools and partnerships to help you better understand and boost your online presence with target travelers.


The pandemic has increased digital screen time. More and more travelers are searching for travel inspiration online, and they increasingly expect technology to provide them with more personal control over their travel experiences.

In a recent poll, 95% of travelers from 28 countries said they spent free time during the pandemic looking for travel inspiration, with 38% looking at potential destinations at least once a week.

This has created opportunities for destinations to use aggregated, anonymized data, and/or to ask travelers for permission to access personal data to personalize marketing campaigns and offerings — which should achieve significantly higher open and click through rates.


  • Do recognize that a data platform, particularly one which enables content personalization, will require money, time, and technical skills. It may also require upgrades to, or the replacement of, your tech stack (e.g., visitor data collection system, CRM, content database, suggestion engine, and visitor communication channels — website, mobile app, chatbot).
  • Do talk to your local public transit operator, which may be more advanced, and already using real-time traveler data.
  • Do recognize that a solution for a destination will be more complex than a solution for an airport, shopping mall, or hotel. However, the increased return on investment, in terms of reach, engagement and conversion, will
    also be significant.
  • Do engage a specialist database marketing company to build your solution, and do not try to build it on a public sector technology stack.
  • Do hire a dedicated project manager who has the technical capability to manage your vendor and oversee its work.
  • Do seek a costed menu of options before selecting your preferred solution.
  • Do run a pilot for proof of concept and to demonstrate that the expected return on investment is real.
  • Do seek legal and policy advice before handling personal data — not just to comply with data protection laws, but also not to adversely affect your government’s/destination’s reputation.


  • Don‘t try to turn your DMO into a tech development company, which will never be your core strength.

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