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COVID-19 Economic Response and Recovery

Develop a City-wide Recovery Plan


Many tourism economies have been devastated and will be in turmoil for some time. A city-wide plan can help to build a common understanding and realistic assessment of the challenges and opportunities that your destination faces.


  • Do try to access data, research, and modeling to understand the size and shape of the pandemic’s impact on your tourism economy — with a particular focus on strategic tourism assets and vulnerable small businesses, and low income workers.
  • Do bring industry stakeholders together to support the strategy development process, speak with one voice, and play their part in implementing it. Action 2 describes ways to do this.
  • Do be realistic about what you can achieve. It would be better to deliver 3–4 actions with concrete benefits, than try to solve every challenge and deliver against none of them.
  • Do focus limited resources on gaps in support from other governments, support for strategic assets, and programs which are important for the long term sustainability of your tourism economy.


  • Don’t activate tactical marketing too early. Multiple surveys show that travelers will not visit your destination unless they are confident that they can do so safely. Action 3 contains advice on ways to build their confidence.

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