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COVID-19 Economic Response and Recovery

Rebuild Traveler Confidence in your Destination


  • Do make safety measures specific, and try to secure broad adoption across a customer’s end-to-end journey.
  • Do engage city officials early in the process to seek their buy-in, help coordinate and extend measures across industry segments, and communicate them to residents and visitors.
  • Do encourage local businesses to raise awareness of local safety measures with residents and visitors, because first travelers can validate destinations’ communications and spread the word to family and friends that they would have the confidence to return. (92% of travelers say that they trust word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends.12)
  • Do focus communications on relevant social media channels and online forums. Since the pandemic, travelers have placed greater importance on pre-trip planning, and Pinterest has emerged as a popular platform.13 Almost half of all travelers have also increased their time spent browsing social media, and many rely on online travel forums to find information about how destinations are executing on safety.14


  • Don’t activate tactical marketing too early. Multiple surveys show that travelers will not visit your destination unless they are confident that they can do so safely. Action 3 contains advice on ways to build their confidence.

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