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Transform Streets and Mobility

Well-designed streets are much more than just concrete and asphalt. City leaders increasingly recognize that they are critical for more livable, sustainable and economically vibrant cities, and they are finding creative solutions to build strong pedestrian, bike and transit networks—reclaiming and redesigning safer roads that accommodate everyone.

We assist cities to create, modify, and implement programs and policy around:

  • Bike Share and Cycling Infrastructure
  • Bus Rapid Transit Systems
  • Modern Transportation Solutions
  • Road Safety
  • Walkable Streets


Rio de Janeiro Addressing Road Safety in Rio
Oakland Creating a New Department of Transportation for Oakland
Detroit Creating a Public Square for Detroiters
Chicago Defining Transportation Equity for Chicago
Atlanta Mapping a Strategic Plan for Atlanta’s Mobility Future
Los Angeles Modernizing L.A.’s Transportation Network
Mexico City Promoting Road Safety in CDMX
Milan Reimagining Milan’s Piazzas
Athens Reinvigorating Athens’ Commercial Triangle