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David Andersson

David Andersson joined Bloomberg Associates in November 2018. He advises cities in their efforts to support their local arts and cultural communities by offering guidance in equitable grantmaking, public art investments, program development and evaluation, and non-profit governance. His work with municipal arts agencies helps strengthen their cities’ cultural ecologies and promote vibrant art experiences for all of their residents and visitors.

Prior to joining Bloomberg Associates, David worked as the Director of Special Projects for the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, where he helped manage the City’s Cultural Development Fund, an open, competitive grant program that awarded roughly $50 million to more than 900 cultural nonprofits each year. In addition to overseeing the annual application and reporting processes, he led funding panels, analyzed extensive data about the City’s arts organizations and their programming, and steered the development and evaluation of special initiatives.

David is a member of the Next Generation Board for the TEAK Fellowship, an educational enrichment program for high-achieving students from underserved communities in New York City. He holds an undergraduate degree from Harvard University and is a practicing visual artist.