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Strengthening Resident Inclusion in Detroit

CitiesDetroitStrengthening Resident Inclusion in Detroit

Bloomberg Associates worked with the City of Detroit to help guide and implement a program that enables all residents of Detroit to obtain a municipal identification card, allowing them access to government and private programs and offerings.


We’re trying to build a city where everybody is included, where everybody is valued and everybody can access the basic services of the city in a way that doesn’t cause them stress.

Mike Duggan, Mayor of Detroit

Relevant Expertise

Enhance City Communications and Resident Engagement

  • PSAs and Marketing Campaigns

Modernize Municipal Systems and Processes

  • Private Partner and Sponsor Models

Support Marginalized and Vulnerable Populations

  • Criminal and Social Justice Insights


Many people in the United States are not able to get official identification, such as a driver’s license or a state ID, because residents, including those who are undocumented, may have barriers to obtaining official identification. Following the success of municipal IDs in other U.S. cities, the Mayor’s Office asked us to put together a plan to create a municipal ID program so that all Detroiters could benefit from having official identification.


Working with the City government and the City law department, Bloomberg Associates designed a program to set up a municipal ID system for individuals that respects use of personal data, sharing only the information necessary to confirm one’s identity and protecting privacy preferences. In addition to providing an official piece of identification, the Detroit ID card also provides access to benefits around the city such as discounted theater tickets, free entry into cultural institutions, and more. To enhance access to the ID card, the program also included application assistance from intake specialists.

Municipal ID


Official identification is an absolute necessity for modern life. Having a system in place that accurately identifies each individual affords people the basic dignities most take for granted, including gaining access to buildings and institutions that require visitor identification, retrieving or obtaining official documents, opening accounts at banks and credit unions, securing rental agreements with landlords, applying for jobs and accessing supportive funding. Bloomberg Associates’ work with the City of Detroit to launch and manage the Detroit municipal ID program has successfully enrolled thousands of individuals, helping them participate and benefit in programs throughout the city.


7000+ Number of ID cards issued since 2016

135+ Detroit venues that offer benefits to cardholders, such as discounts