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Enhance City Communications and Resident Engagement

Communicating effectively and efficiently with residents and external audiences is key for a city’s success. By listening to residents and engaging with them, city governments can better understand and address concerns. Explaining the administration’s priorities — what a city is doing, and why — through a coordinated, strategic approach helps build trust, foster civic pride, and encourage participation in city programs and services.

We assist cities to create, modify, and implement programs and policy around:

  • Awareness and Reputation Campaigns
  • City-Controlled Media Usage
  • Crisis Response Protocols
  • Digital and Social Media
  • Events Attraction and Management
  • Press Outreach and Support
  • PSAs and Marketing Campaigns
  • Spokesperson Training
  • Stakeholder Mapping and Community Feedback
  • Unified City Branding


Detroit Claiming Tax Credits in Detroit
Detroit Creating a Sustainability Office and Agenda for Detroit
Mexico City Improving Contract Transparency and Efficiency in CDMX
London Improving Digital Collaboration Across London’s Boroughs
Houston Making Houston Neighborhoods Stronger
Nashville Planting 500,000 Trees in Nashville
Athens Promoting and Accelerating Tourism in Athens
Lima Promoting City Services to Help Combat Domestic Violence in Lima
Mexico City Solidifying CDMX as a Top Global Tourism Destination
Detroit Strengthening Resident Inclusion in Detroit
Oakland Taking a Focused Approach to Sports Tourism in Oakland
Milan Welcoming New Residents in Milan