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Improving Digital Collaboration Across London’s Boroughs

CitiesLondonImproving Digital Collaboration Across London’s Boroughs

Bloomberg Associates helped the Greater London Authority (GLA) create and launch the London Office of Technology and Innovation (LOTI) to improve digital collaboration and knowledge sharing between London’s 33 local authorities.

LOTI will support digital collaboration across London’s councils and play a crucial role in mobilizing the capital’s tech sector and universities as we develop new services for Londoners together.

Theo Blackwell, London's Chief Digital Officer

Relevant Expertise

Enhance City Communications and Resident Engagement

  • Stakeholder Mapping and Community Feedback

Modernize Municipal Systems and Processes

  • Contract Transparency
  • Procurement Process Optimization

Promote Digital Solutions and Approaches

  • Digitization of Municipal Services
  • Organization and Coordination of Digital Resources
  • Technology and Capability Mapping


London provides services to 9 million residents through a decentralized governance structure composed of 33 boroughs. Although Londoners live in, commute through, and enjoy all of London’s boroughs, the boroughs operate independently of one another. Bloomberg Associates was asked to support the creation of an entity that would leverage the technological strengths of the boroughs and build their collective capacity to deliver better services to Londoners.

Bloomberg Associates advised the GLA, London Councils, and 18 London boroughs on the creation of the London Office of Technology and Innovation (LOTI)


As part of London Chief Digital Officer’s strategy “Smarter London Together”, Bloomberg Associates advised the GLA, London Councils, and 18 London boroughs on the creation of the London Office of Technology and Innovation (LOTI). Launched in June 2019, LOTI helps London’s boroughs to adopt new technology, share IT skills and capabilities, and develop best practices that everyone can benefit from.

Shortly after launching, Bloomberg Associates partnered with LOTI to map the technologies, contracts, and skills throughout London’s boroughs to create City Tools: London, a report and interactive dashboard. City Tools: London makes information transparent and easily accessible to promote opportunities for boroughs to collaborate and deliver better public services.


LOTI works with boroughs to create a framework to share data, develop digital skills, and create a better understanding of the technology landscape. LOTI also helps simplify the vast ecosystem of local government services, allowing the other sectors to better understand how they can engage and benefit. With the ability to collaborate and foster new partnerships, boroughs will save money and drive reform and innovation into the services they deliver.

London Office of Tech & Innovation


City Tools


18 member boroughs

800+ IT systems and contracts mapped across boroughs

100 digital apprenticeships created

635K in support funding secured