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Establishing and Training a Code of Ethics in the Municipality of Lima

CitiesLimaEstablishing and Training a Code of Ethics in the Municipality of Lima

Bloomberg Associates’ Municipal Integrity Team partnered with the City of Lima’s newly-formed Office of Integrity to develop and implement the municipality’s first standardized Code of Ethics.


I can see a big change…there are fewer complaints about corruption and less corruption overall. We gained the respect of the rest of the city’s departments for what we did.

Orlando Tafur, Head – Integrity Unit of the Municipality of Lima

Relevant Expertise

Modernize Municipal Systems and Processes

  • Contract Transparency
  • Internal Operations and Reporting
  • Private Partner and Sponsor Models
  • Procurement Process Optimization


Shortly after establishing an Office of Integrity for the City of Lima in 2019, the Office’s leadership was tasked with drafting, enacting, and enforcing a universal Code of Ethics for all City employees in hopes of bolstering the public’s trust and improving the standard of living for all residents.

The City of Lima called upon Bloomberg Associates’ Municipal Integrity Team to leverage their experience in cities around the world to inform Lima’s decision-making process and help inculcate the new Code of Ethics.

Lima’s Code of Ethics
Employees receiving ethics training


Despite numerous pandemic-related challenges, the Bloomberg Associates team worked directly with their Lima-based counterparts to apply their ethics development experience specifically to the unique circumstances in Lima. Using real-case scenarios to engage employees and aid in training modules, Bloomberg Associates’ team and Lima’s Office of Integrity were able to deliver practical training city-wide to the municipal agencies in Lima, and helped solidify the new Code of Ethics as a fundamental part of the Municipality’s day-to-day practices.


In just two years, the collaboration between Bloomberg Associates and the City of Lima has resulted in a robust and proactive Integrity office and more than 12,000 City employees have received specialized training in how to work within the guidelines of the municipality’s new Code of Ethics. With this standard of conduct now fully embedded within its agencies and their staffs, the City of Lima has established a commitment to ethical values, principles, duties and prohibitions to create an environment of trust and credibility in municipal management.

Top photo: Integrity office’s building in Lima