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Promote Digital Solutions and Approaches

Cities need to embrace digital approaches and modern technologies in order to serve their residents more effectively and efficiently. Digital technology presents city governments with opportunities to transform how they operate, engage with communities, create transparencies, and improve and expand their services. As daily life continues to shift to be more digitally focused, leaders can better connect with and support residents by prioritizing user needs, technology, and data. 

We assist cities to create, modify, and implement programs and policy around:

  • Digitization of Municipal Services
  • Key Performance Indicator Dashboards
  • Organization and Coordination of Digital Resources
  • Technology and Capability Mapping
  • User-Centered Design Techniques


London Advocating for and supporting the role of Chief Digital Officer in London
Nashville Attracting and Growing Small Business in Nashville
Rio de Janeiro Creating a More Transparent and Business-Friendly Licensing Process in Rio
Mexico City Improving Contract Transparency and Efficiency in CDMX
London Improving Digital Collaboration Across London’s Boroughs
Paris Promoting Paris’ Open-Source Platform Around the World
Bogotá Reforming Patient Experience in Bogotá Hospitals
Athens Transforming Athens Into a Digital City