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Improve Public Space and Neighborhoods

Cities should be built and designed for the people who live in them. City leaders need to balance the density of development with well-designed public space that enhances livability for both long-time and new residents alike. Streets need to be clean and walkable, parks should be beautiful and inviting, and neighborhoods need to be affordable and connected.

We assist cities to create, modify, and implement programs and policy around:

  • Graffiti Abatement
  • Housing Supply and Inventory
  • Land Development and Adaptive Re-use
  • Lighting Repair and Modernization
  • Long-Term Planning and Zoning
  • Mapping and Geospatial Analysis
  • Neighborhood Improvement Districts
  • Parks Maintenance and Beautification
  • Pedestrian Infrastructure Improvements
  • Public Plaza Development and Design
  • Waterfront Revitalization and Access


Rio de Janeiro Addressing Road Safety in Rio
Rio de Janeiro Bringing Back Rio’s Centro
Detroit Creating a Public Square for Detroiters
Atlanta Creating Affordable and Equitable Housing Opportunities in Atlanta
Los Angeles Developing a Strategy for L.A.’s Sustainable Growth
Detroit Helping Detroiters Buy Back Foreclosed Homes
Bogotá Improving Early Childhood Development in Bogotá Through Design
Houston Making Houston Neighborhoods Stronger
Atlanta Mapping a Strategic Plan for Atlanta’s Mobility Future
Los Angeles Modernizing L.A.’s Transportation Network
Nashville Planting 500,000 Trees in Nashville
Mexico City Promoting Road Safety in CDMX
Paris Providing Parisians Relief from Extreme Summer Temperatures
Lima Recovering Lima's Public Spaces for Community Use
London Redeveloping London's Olympic Park into a Hub for Culture and Education
Milan Reimagining Milan’s Piazzas
Athens Reinvigorating Athens’ Commercial Triangle
Bogotá Revamping Public Lighting in Bogotá
Kansas City Shaping a Sustainable Vision for Kansas City’s Twin Creeks
Milan Using Trees To Cool Down Milan